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Unoshima station

Unoshima station on Nippo main line in Fukuoka prefecture.

One of the things which is complicated when you travel in Japan is that main stations of the cities do not match the name of the cities. Then, this is especially when you travel around Kyushu.

For example, the most populous city in Kyushu, Fukuoka's main station is Hakata station. The second largest city, Kitakyushu's main station is Kokura station. Both stations are stations of Sanyo Shinkansen which has direct trains from Tokyo and Osaka. Most populous city in southern Kyushu, Kagoshima's main station is Kagoshima-Chuo(literally means Kagoshima Central) which serves Kyushu Shinkansen. Then, another confusion is that Fukuoka and Kitakyushu do not have stations called Fukuoka or Kitakyushu. On the other hand, there is Kagoshima station in Kagoshima.

A small city in northern Kyushu, Buzen does not have a station called Buzen but her main station is Unoshima. Hakata and Kokura are named after due to former names of the municipalities but Unoshima station is located at former Hachiya town which merged with other neighboring villages to form Buzen city in 1955. Actually there is a district called Unoshima in Buzen city but Unoshima merged with Hachiya town in 1935 and Hachiya remained as the town name.

Why the station is named Unoshima even it was opened 1897? The reason seems to be the landowner who provided his land to the railway company to built Unoshima station lived in former Unoshima town and his condition to provide the land was to name the station as Unoshima, instead of Hachiya. Unoshima station serves only Nippo main line.

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