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Tanegashima island

Tanegashima island is an island belonging to Kagoshima prefecture and Osumi islands which are located south of Kyushu island.
Close to Yakushima which is a World Heritage Site since 1993. Tanegashima is an island where Japanese encountered the first Western people in 1543.


Largest city

Nishinoomote, gateway to Tanegashima by sea

Other towns

Nakatane(Tanegashima airport) and Nakatane(Tanegashima Space Center)


Hamada Beach


Cape Kadokura


Chikura no iwaya


Gun Museum


Otatsu-metatsu rocks


Tanegashima Space Center

How to get there?

Daily flights from Kagoshima airport and seasonal flights from Osaka-Itami. Hydrofoil/Jetfoil and ferry are connecting Nishinoomote port on the island and Kagoshima port. 

Where to go?

Most famous place on the island is definitely the Tanegashima Space Center, which is called the most beautiful rocket-launch complex in the world. Yakushima island is nearby and you can one day trekking from Tanegashima. 

What to buy/try?

Tanegashima(Yokino) ware, local distilled shochu, green tea, Astronauts water and etc. 

Local fresh seafood, Anno sweet potato and etc.

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