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Higashi-Matsudo station

Higashi-Matsudo station(Hokuso line/Narita Sky Access line)

Higashi-Matsudo is a station located in Matsudo city, the third most populous city in Chiba prefecture, the population is nearly a half of million. Although the main station of Matsudo is Matsudo station, Higashi-Matsudo station is the central station for southern district of Matsudo.

There are three lines; JR East's Musashino line, Keisei's Narita Sky Access line and Hokuso's Hokuso line. Probably foreign tourists will use this station when traveling from or to Narita airport, the primary gateway to Japan.

Although limited express Skyliner does not stop at Higashi-Matsudo but Access express trains from/to Narita airport call at Higashi-Matsudo and therefore it is possible to transfer from/to Musashino line.

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