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Takachiho gorge

Takachiho gorge and Manai waterfall, Miyazaki prefecture

Takachiho is a town located in northwest Miyazaki prefecture. The town is closer to Kumamoto city rather than the prefectural capital Miyazaki. It is also close to Aso Kuju national park which stretch from Kumamoto to Oita prefectures.

Nevertheless, Takachiho is one of the popular tourist destinations in Miyazaki and also in Kyushu. There are several well known shrines but probably the most famous tourist attraction is the gorge.

Takachiho gorge is located along the Gokase river which finally flow into sea of Hyuga of Pacific ocean. The gorge was made by the erosion of Gokase river and the length is 7 km and it is 80-100 meters deep. There is a well maintained sidewalk along the gorge to enjoy the scenery.

The famous Manai waterfall is located at this gorge and tourists can come close to the waterfall by rental boats. During summer season, there are long queue waiting for the boats and recommended to reserve in the early morning.

There is no railway station in Takachiho, therefore you have to reach there by bus from Nobeoka in Miyazaki or Kumamoto.

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