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New destinations are coming soon

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Evolution Japan Tour has decided to offer another two regions in Japan, Noto peninsular and Iida(and surroundings).

Why Noto and Iida?

The main reason is that we have good relationships with local agencies - DMC in the regions. We can sell their package tours handled by those agencies directly. The DMC have strong ties with local suppliers = best rates and offers.

Another reason is that we would like to offer regions which are not targeted by our competitors. Noto and Iida are unfortunately not major tourist destinations in Japan, but it does not mean that not worth to visit. Non-major tourist destinations mean not so many tourists as like in Kyoto or Miyajima.

Offers for Noto and Iida will be uploaded as soon as possible. In near future, our main targeting destinations will be Tanegashima island, Noto peninsular and Iida.

Otatsumetatsu rocks, Tanegashima island

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