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Small slippers

Not like in United States, Japanese take off their shoes at home. Some of them wear slippers at home instead of bare foot or just wearing socks and it is a custom to provide slippers to the guests.

Taking off the shoes are also a custom in some parts of Europe but it is not a custom to take off the shoes at clinics or dentists. On the other hand, you have to take off your shoes when you visit clinics or dentists. The slippers are usually located at slipper racks.

However, unfortunately the size of the slippers are usually just one. Therefore it is small for Europeans, especially for men above average height.

In addition to these slippers, different slippers are provided at restrooms. Which means you have to change the slippers when using the restrooms. Two types of slippers prevent the spread of virus and maintain the waiting room and other rooms clean. Some experts say that take offing the shoes reduced the patients of COVID-19 in Japan.

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