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Current situation to enter Japan

If you want to visit Japan as a tourist, currently Japanese government requires all foreign tourists to purchase a package tour provided by authorized Japanese travel agency.

1) You can buy a package tour from your travel agency located outside Japan but the travel agency has to pay to travel agency in Japan for the arrangements.

2) Then, Japanese travel agency will issue a special code which you are needed to apply the visa for entering Japan. This visa is free of charge and usually takes 5 working days to be issued.

3) Package tour must be accompanied in Japan by tour leader who is authorized Japanese or licensed foreign resident living in Japan. Tour leader will accompany since the arrival at Japanese airport and till departure from Japanese airport.

4) Package tour does not have minimum number of tourists. Which means a family of 4 persons can ask the travel agent to arrange the tour.

5) Although Evolution Japan Tour is Prague based company, we work exclusively with Tessera, an authorized Japanese travel agent which can issue the special code for visa.

6) If you obtained the visa, you have to take PCR test 72 hours or less before your departure from homeland. Of course you have to be negative to enter Japan.

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