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Greeting from Evolution Japan Tour

At first, we would like to apologize not to uploading any new blog since July 2022.

Now, we would like to announce several changes of our services.

Followings are the major changes.

1) We will be more concentrated on specific destinations in Japan and going to make an exclusive deals with Japanese local DMCs soon.

The areas will be existing Tanegashima and central Japan - including Takayama and Kanazawa.

2) Tailor-made tour is still available but if you are living outside of Czech Republic, we will forward your request to our partner in Tokyo to handle it.

Tourists living in Czech Republic will be handled by us.

May be you think it is useless to contact us if you are living outside of Czech Republic. However, if you send your email to Japanese agency, most likely they will not contact you within a week, or maybe without your second email. Japanese agencies are receiving dozens of requests daily and their priority is from their partners. Which means your email will be kept untouched....

Unfortunately, we do not receive dozens of emails daily and we have very good relationship with Japanese agency, your email will be forwarded within same day and they will open the email within next day. Anyway, we will send our reply to you before forwarding your email to Japan.

3) English speaking licensed guide can be booked without any other requested service, such as hotel reservation. You can book your hotels in Japan directly.

You have to pay more if you request through Japanese travel agency and it will take much time to be arranged. On the other hand, we will check the available licensed guide and let you know the availability and the rate. If you guarantee your booking by credit card, you can pay the service on the spot directly to the guide. Your credit card will be charged only you cancel after cancellation deadline or in case of NO SHOW.

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