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Shin-Akitsu station

Platform of Shin-Akitsu station, Higashimurayama, Tokyo

Shin-Akitsu station is located in Higashimurayama, municipality located in western Tokyo metropolis. Operated by JR East, Shin-Akitsu serves only a single line, Musashino line. The station is 7th busiest stations among stations on Musashino line but busiest in Tokyo metropolis area.

The daily ridership was 78 thousand persons in 2019. The most of the passengers change to Seibu Ikebukuro line which station is called Akitsu station.

The station is approximately 400 meters away from Shin-Akitsu and passengers must pass relatively narrow streets to reach the another station.

Shin-Akitsu station was opened on 01 April 1973, on the same day when Musashino line was opened. Due to Musashino line itself was quite a new line in Tokyo metorpolitan area, Shin-Akitsu station was the one of the first twelve stations of JNR; then Japan National Railway, which had automatic ticket gates as a trial basis.

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