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Noto Peninsular 

Noto peninsular is located in Hokuriku region of Honshu island and most of the part belongs Ishikawa prefecture which prefectural capital is Kanazawa.  The peninsular is named after former Noto province which most of the area belonged till 19th century.  Noto peninsular is the largest peninsular projecting into Sea of Japan in Japan. Noto is divided into three sub-regions; 

Oku-Noto(Deep Noto - Northern part), Naka-Noto(Mid Noto) and

Kuchi-Noto(Entrance of Noto - Southern part).

Largest city

Nanao, home of Wakura hot spring

Other cities and towns

Oku-Noto(Suzu, Wajima, Anamizu and Noto), Naka-Noto(Nanao and Naka-Noto) and Kuchi-Noto(Hakui, Hodatsushimizu and Shika).


Wajima morning market


Chirihama Beach Driveway


Shiroyone Senmaida





Koiji Beach


Keta Grand shrine

How to get there?

By plane:

Tokyo Haneda airport to Noto airport by ANA.

By train/bus: To Kanazawa station by Hokuriku Shinkansen and then limited express train to Nanao or express bus to other cities/towns. 

Where to go?

Wajima morning market, Chirihama Beach Driveway(Only beach in Japan where you can drive on sandy beach) , Keta grand shrine, Mitsukejima island(Battleship island) , Koiji beach and Shiroyone Senmaida(Rice terraces)

What to buy/try?

Defintely Wajima-nuri lacquerware to buy.

Noto beef, rock oysters, sushi and fugu. 

2 nights - 3 days 

13SEP - 08NOV23

from EUR 1220.-


2 nights - 3 days 

13SEP - 09NOV2023

from EUR 1170.-

2 nights - 3 days

12SEP - 09NOV2023

from EUR 1420.-

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