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Otemachi station

Otemachi station, Tokyo metro Tozai line.

Otemachi station is located in business district of Chiyoda ward in Tokyo metropolis and it is relatively close to Tokyo station. Although Tokyo station has only one subway line, Otemachi has 5 subway lines. If you count as a single station, Otemachi has the highest number of lines in Tokyo.

There are four Tokyo metro lines; Marunouchi, Tozai, Chiyoda and Hanzomon lines and one Toei subway line; Mita line. Those lines are connected by numerous underground passages and sometimes you have to pass the ticket gates to change between lines.

Otemachi station had 366 thousand daily ridership in 2019 for Tokyo Metro lines, which made the station as the second busiest station for Tokyo Metro. The station is mostly for commuters who work at nearby offices but it is also close to Imperial palace.

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