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Nagasaki station

The main station of Nagasaki city, Nagasaki station is the 14th busiest station of JR Kyushu, which ridership in 2019 was roughly 20 thousand. The busiest station in Nagasaki prefecture, which is nearly a double of Isahaya station.

Nagasaki station is the terminus of Nagasaki main line, which opposite terminus is Tosu station in Saga prefecture which is transfer station for Kagoshima main line which connects Fukuoka city, the most populous city in Kyushu.

Not only limited express Kamome, connects Nagasaki station and Hakata station in Fukuoka, there are rapid train Seaside liner connecting Sasebo station. Sasebo is the second populous city in Nagasaki prefecture.

Currently construction of Shinkansen line is on the way and going to open in autumn 2022. This will replace the limited express Kagome but the first section to be opened will be between Nagasaki and Takeo onsen station of Sasebo line. Therefore tourists coming from Hakata station must change train at Takeo onsen.

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