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Chijiwa lookouts

A view of Mt. Unzen on the left and Tachibana bay from Chijiwa lookouts

Chijiwa lookouts is a place where you can enjoy the magnificent view of Tachibana bay and Mt.Unzen、a stratovolcano groups. Mt.Unzen's one of the peaks, Fugen-dake (1359m) erupted in June 1991 and killed 43 people.

Chijiwa lookouts is located on route 251 in city of Unzen on Shimabara peninsular of Nagasaki prefecture. It is on the way to Obama hot spring and Unzen hot spring which are popular hot spring destinations in Nagasaki.

There are souvenir store and diner at the lookouts with large parking. Also a local specialty called Jagachan is sold at the kiosk. Jagachan is a fried potatoes skewer. Potatoes are not sliced but whole ones. It is deep fried in batter.

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