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Narita airport

Departure hall of Narita airport terminal 1 north wing

Narita airport is the primary gateway for Tokyo metropolitan area. The airport was opened as New Tokyo international airport in 1978 due to capacity of Haneda airport which official name is Tokyo international airport reached its limit. Name changed officially to Narita international airport in 2004.

There was only one terminal till the terminal 2 opened in the end of 1992. Currently there are 3 terminals at Narita airport but terminal 1, the oldest terminal has 2 wings, North wing and South wing which is almost different terminal. Terminal 3 opened in 2015, is solely used for LCC flights.

Narita airport is connected by JR and private railway Keisei. JR East operates limited express Narita Express, which runs to Tokyo, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro and Shinagawa stations in Tokyo. Japan rail pass holder can use this limited express but seat reservation is compulsory. Keisei operates the fastest limited express train excluding Shinkansen in Japan, Skyliner. Skyliner connects the airport and Keisei Ueno via Nippori station.

There are two stations in Narita airport; Narita airport terminal 1 and Narita airport terminal 2 ・ 3. JR and Keisei use these stations. If you are traveling to the airport, all trains stop first at terminal 2 ・ 3. Be aware that the terminal 2 ・ 3 station is opened as Narita airport terminal 2, therefore you have to walk to terminal 3 from the station longer than to terminal 2.

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