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Enoshima is a tied island, connected with Honshu by tombolo, located at Sagami bay in Kanagawa prefecture. Popular destination in Kanto region, many people enjoy fishing, diving and other marine sports at Enoshima. Also there is a first outdoor escalator in Japan built in 1959 and Enoshima shrine as the tourist attractions. Also, not so far from Kamakura.

Island inhabitants are around 350 and the local specialties are whitebait and horned turban. Especially raw whitebait on rice is the Enoshima's most popular dish, very worth to try.

There are several ways to reach Enoshima. For Japan Rail Pass holders from Shinjuku, take Shonan Shinjuku line to Ofuna. Then, change to Shonan monorail. Or, take Shonan Shinjuku line to Kamakura and change to Enoshima electric railway. If you are coming from Tokyo station, take Yokosuka line to Kamakura or Tokaido main line to Ofuna. If you do not have valid Japan Rail Pass, take Odakyu Enoshima line from Shinjuku.

The nearest stations for Shonan monorail is Shonan Enoshima, Enoshima electric railway is Enoshima and Odakyu Enoshima line is Katase Enoshima. Please note that these stations are not next to each others and Katase Enoshima is the closest to the Enoshima island.

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