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Yosso restaurant, Hamamachi district, Nagasaki.

Yosso restaurant is located at downtown Nagasaki, which first opened in Yorozuya district in 1866. Then, moved to Hamamachi district in 1927 and reconstruction finished in 2012. The restaurant has two floors. 20 persons can be seated on the ground floor and first floor has two rooms, for 40 persons and 50 persons. Please note that the room for 50 persons do not have chairs and therefore you have to sit down directly on the tatami.

Yosso is famous for chawanmushi, savory Japanese egg custard, literally "steamed in tea cup". Not like other chawanmushi in other stores, Yosso's chawanmushi is huge. Chanwanmushi is usually considered as side dish but it is a main dish in Yosso. Another signature dish is mushi-sushi, steamed sushi bowl. Therefore, chawanmushi and mushi-sushi combo is popular for tourists.

Due to a famous and popular restaurant, not only for tourists but also for local residents, better to go during weekdays.

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