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Umbrella stand

Umbrella stand with locks at Subway museum

In general, European do not use or carry umbrellas as much as Japanese do. The reason can be that there are more rainfalls in Japan than in Europe and therefore European are reluctant to buy umbrellas or lazy to use umbrella.

Due to less people use umbrellas, the floors of stores or offices will not be wet so much and janitors are willing to wipe the floors each time because they do not have to wipe so often.

However, situation in Japan is different. Due to more rainfalls, wiping the floors each time is not so easy. Therefore, most of the store, restaurants, facilities and venues have umbrella stands or offer umbrella bags.

Umbrella bags are offered usually at department stores or facilities when huge number of people visit at once. On the other hand, relatively medium or small size stores or facilities have umbrella stands.

Small stores or facilities, such as convenience stores or dentists have umbrella stands without locks but other places where usually customers or clients stay longer have umbrella stands with locks. These locks are equipped to avoid taking someone’s umbrella in mistake but also to avoid the umbrellas to be stolen.

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