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Udo jingu shrine

Stone steps leading to the main shrine of Udo jingu shrine and cliff at Sea on Hyuga, Nichinan, Miyazaki prefecture

Udo jingu shrine is a popular tourist destination in Miyazaki, Kyushu. It is located at coast of sea of Hyuga, a part of Pacific ocean.

It is a uncommon shrine which you have to walk down the stone steps to reach the main shrine, the honden. Most of the shrines in Japan are opposite, you have to climb up the stone steps to reach the honden. In addition to, Udo jingu's honden is located inside a cave, which is also unique.

Miyazaki prefecture was an extremely popular honeymoon destination especially in 60s and 70s and Udo jingu was must place to visit during the honeymoon in Miyazaki.

The access to Udo jingu is not easy due to there is no station nearby. Even it takes 20 minutes by taxi from the nearest major station called Aburatsu. If you are heading from Miyazaki city, take a bus direction to Nichinan and get off at bus stop - Udo jingu mae. By the way, there are two parking lots. Both are free but buses and coaches had to use the further but larger parking closer to main street. Taxi and smaller vehicles can reach the closer parking without walking the long steps.

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