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Stone nightlight at Tomonoura, Hiroshima prefecture

Tomonoura is a port in Tomo district of Fukuyama, Hiroshima prefecture. Fukuyama is the second populated city in Hiroshima prefecture, after prefectural capital, Hiroshima. Fukuyama is an industrial city, the home of the one of the largest steelworks in the world, JF Steel's Fukuyama steelworks.

Most of the Japanese imagine tourist destinations in Hiroshima prefecture are Miyajima, Hiroshima and Onomichi but Fukuyama should be too, thanks to Tomonoura. Around Tomonoura was designated as a scenic beauty, Tomo park in 1925. Then , the park was merged into Setonaikai national park in 1936. Setonaikai national park is the first national park in Japan.

Tomo district was an independent town till merger with Fukuyama in 1956. It was a large commercial center during Tokugawa shogunate period and till 19th century where ships have to anchor during bad weathers in Seto inland sea.

Tomo lost its value when railroad Sanyo main line became the major way to travel and large steamships became the main vessel for logistics through Seto inland sea. well preserved historical town ideal for sightseeing which you can visit several historic temples including Fukuzenji temple where you can enjoy fabulous view. Off the Tomonoura is a famouse Sensuijima island, which you should visit too.

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