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Tama Plaza station

Tama-plaza is a station on Tokyu Denentoshi line in Aobadai ward of Yokohama. It is northernmost station located in Yokohama. Tama-plaza is relatively new station in Tokyo metropolitan area, opened in 1966.

The daily ridership was around 62000 persons in 2002 but increased to 83000 in 2019. Tama-plaza has two side platforms and these are sub-surface platforms. All trains call at this station which has 8th highest ridership of Denentoshi line.

The named after by Noboru Goto, the son and successor of the founder of Tokyu, Keita Goto. The station was supposed to be Moto-ishikawa according to the name of the district, where the station locates. However, Noboru changed to Tama-plaza due to the station would be the center of Tama garden city movement which was engaged by Tokyo. The name of Tama comes from Tama-gawa river and Tama district of Tokyo.

Not like railways in Europe, it is very common in Japan, especially in metropolitan area that railway companies to lead the urban planning. The railway companies build new lines and stations, while their subsidiaries, developers build town houses, condos and apartments around the station. Then, another subsidiaries, supermarkets and department stores to be opened right after the opening of the stations.

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