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Takaotozan Railway

Funicular of Takaotozan Railway

Takaotozan railway is a transport company in Hachioji, Tokyo metropolis. It operates funicular and chairlift at Mt. Takao. It is a subsidiary of Keio Corporation, a major railway company.

The funicular, which is running between Kiyotaki and Takaosan stations. Kiyotaki station is located near Takaosanguchi station of Keio Takao line. Takaosan station is on Mt.Takao, but you need to climb up approximately 30 minutes to the summit.

The funicular takes 6 minutes and it is the steepest funicular line in Japan, which gradient is 31.18 degrees, 608‰. There is a discount for return ticket and also it is worth to buy Takaosan ticket, which includes return ticket of Keio line and the funicular(one way or return).

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