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Mt.TAKAO, seats arranged in transverse configuration.

Mt.TAKAO is a type of train operated by private railway operatior Keio Corporation on Keio line and Takao lines between Shinjuku terminal in Tokyo and Takaosanguchi station in Hachioji city. Takaosanguchi is a primary access to Mt.Takao, extremely popular hiking destination in Tokyo, by train.

Mt.Takao, departs Shinjuku station at 08AM and 09AM on Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays. The trains stops only at Meidai-mae station on the way to final stop, Takaosanguchi. Meidai-mae is a transfer station for Keio Inokashira line, which connects Shibuya terminal and Kichijoji station in Musashino city. Then, there are three trains departing at Takaosanguchi in the afternoon, stopping at major stations on the way to Shinjuku terminal including Meidai-mae. Mt.Takao did not stop at Meidai-mae till 30 October 2021. Then, it was a seasonal train, running only on hiking season. However, Keio Corporation has announced that Mt.Takao is now a regular train running through the year.

Electric multiple unit Keio 5000 series is used for Mt.Takao. The significant thing of this type is that the seats can be rotated as longitudinally for daytime services and in forward-facing transverse pairs for Mt.TAKAO, which supplement is needed. Seats of Mt.TAKAO are all reserved.

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