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Sumo - Part 2

Japan Sumo Association organizes 6 Honbasho official tournaments in each odd month, three times(January, May and September)in Tokyo, and once each in Osaka(March), Nagoya(July) and Fukuoka(November).

Each Honbasho takes 15 days and sumo wrestlers are divided into six divisions. Then, those wrestlers who are belonging to highest division is Makuuchi(first division) and the second division, Juryo(officially called Jumaime) are called Sekitori and obtain monthly salaries from Japan Sumo Association.

However, sumo wrestlers belonging to other divisions, do not get any monthly salary from the association. On the other hand, they will get salary per tournament. Which means sumo wrestlers belonging to third, fourth, fifth and sixth divisions can get maximum 6 salaries per year.

To be continued.

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