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Sugamo Jizo shopping street, Toshima ward, Tokyo

If you get off at Sugamo station on JR Yamanote line or Toei Subway Mita line, you will notice immediately that the passengers are different than other stations.

For example, a lot of young teenagers get off at Harajuku station on Yamanote line or young adults get off at Shibuya or Akihabara, Sugamo is the place for seniors.

What make Sugamo attractive for senoirs? The answer is simple. All seniors head to Koganji temple, which is widely known as Togenuki jizo. Literally Togenuki means pulling out needle and jizo is Kṣitigarbha, one of the Bodhisattva. Many seniors visit the temple to pray for the health.

Due to there is a temple which attracts thousands of worshippers daily, there are many stores and diners for these worshippers. The most famous souvenir at Sugamo is the red underwear.

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