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Station entrance

Kanazawa station, Kenrokuen entrance

Definitely all foreign tourists will use train when exploring Japan. Most of them are looking forward to take high speed bullet train, Shinkansen. Or maybe some of them will be exploring Tokyo or Kyoto by subway trains.

Anyway, you should be aware that there are multiple ticket gates and entrances/exits per station. If you have a pick up or meet someone at the station, you have to ask the specified ticket gate or entrance. Otherwise you will not be able to meet the person.

Most of the stations have two major entrances. Usually it is designated as North, South, East or West entrances. However, major large stations such as Tokyo, Kyoto and Kanazawa have particular names such as Yaesu,Yachijo or Kenrokuen entrance. These entrances are named after either name of the location, street/avenue or major tourist destination.

For example, Kanazawa stations have two entrances; Kenrokuen and Kanazawa-ko. These two entrances were used to be East and West entrance till 2015, commence of Hokuriku Shinkansen at Kanazawa station. Kenrokuen is the famous garden in Kanazawa and Kanazawa-ko means Kanazawa port. These entrance names are much easier for tourists who want to go to Kenrokuen garden.

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