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Shin-Koshigaya? Minami-Koshigaya?

Minami-Koshigaya station on JR Musashino line

Shin-Koshigaya station on Tobu Isesaski line

If you are traveling in Tokyo metropolitan area, sometimes you have to be aware that there are two stations adjacent each other but have two different names.

This matter occurs when there are JR and non-JR railway company are operating in the area especially in the suburban area.

One of the examples is Shin-Koshigaya and Minami-Koshigaya stations in Koshigaya, Saitama prefecture. Shin-koshigaya belongs to Tobu railway and Minami-Koshigaya is JR. These stations are less than 100 meters away.

Therefore if you want to go to a place near to Minami-Koshigaya station, please check the connection of Shin-Koshigaya too.

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