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Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort

Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort

Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort is a 43 stories, 154 m tall hotel located at Phoenix Seagaia Resort in Miyazaki, Kyushu island. It is 30th tallest hotel in Japan but tallest in Kyushu.

There are total 744 rooms and all rooms are ocean view, facing the Pacific ocean. Also there are 9 restaurants inside the hotel.

The hotel belongs to one of the complexes of Phoenix Seagai Resort which has another 2 accommodation facilities, 2 golf courses, a botanical garden and a zoo.

Summit 2000 was held mainly in Okinawa but ministers for foreign affairs gathered at this hotel.

The hotel is located at northern part of Miyazaki city, and there is no station nearby. Therefore please take a taxi or a bus from Miyazaki station.

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