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Hotel Nikko Narita

Twin room of Hotel Nikko Narita

Hotel Nikko Narita opened on 21 May 1978, the same day of opening of Narita international airport, the primary gateway to Tokyo. It is currently managed by Okura Nikko Hotel Management Co., which operates total 73 hotels. The original management was by subsidiary of JAL, Japan Airlines. JAL is still the major shareholder of Okura Nikko Hotel Management Co. Nikko is a abbreviation for JAL in Japanese.

Hotel Nikko Narita has two buildings with total 722 rooms and there are 6 types of rooms including suites. Higher class rooms are all located in the new building. The hotel has 3 restaurants, 1 bar and 1 cafe.

The hotel offers complimentary transfers between hotel and Narita airport.

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