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Saizeria in Tokorozawa, Saitama

Saizeriya is a chain restaurant in Japan, which is located in 33 prefectures. Total number of restaurant is more than 1100. It is one of two chain restaurants in Japan which has more than 1000 restaurants. The history started in 1968.

Saizeriya is offer mainly Italian cuisine which is adapted to Japanese style. Especially the Milan style doria, gratin which uses rice instead of macaroni and topped with Bolognese sauce, is a signature dish of Saizeriya.

Another important factor of Saizeriya is that the prices are very low. It is hard to find cheaper spaghetti or other European style dishes at other restaurants in Japan and therefore if you miss European dish during your stay in Japan, Saizeriya is definitely the cheapest option to visit.

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