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Ryogoku station

JR Ryogoku station

Ryogoku station is located at Honjo district of Sumida ward in Tokyo. JR East operates Sobu line and Toei subway operates Toei Oedo line, but these two lines are separated approximately 300 meters away. In case you have to change trains between Sobu and Oedo lines, you have to walk on ground level. Therefore umbrella or rainwear is needed if it is raining.

Ryogoku station is the nearest station for Ryogoku kogukikan sumo arena, which holds grand sumo tournament three times, in January, May and September each year. Also there are many sumo related stores and chanko nabe hot pot restaurants which are owned or run by retired sumo wrestlers.

Due to there is no other specific tourist destinations nearby, almost no tourist except visiting sumo stores or chanko nabe restaurant off season. On the other hand, the station is busy when there is a sumo tournament.

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