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Unfortunately Japanese government is currently imposing all visitors including Japanese nationals to undergo PCR test upon arrival at airports in Japan and also recommend to bring negative result of COVID-19 from their residing countries.

If you do not bring the negative test result, you will be directly send to a venue to stay there even you are negative at the airport. However, most of the airlines flying from Europe to Japan are imposing passengers to show the negative results upon check in. Which means PCR test is mandatory if you are flying to somewhere!

PCR test can be done easier than in Japan but which clinic or hospital to choose?

Criteria choosing the place

1) Price - Of course cheaper is better

2) Speed - Of course quicker result is better

3) No hidden fee - Of course no hidden fee is better

Anyway, you have to check if the clinic or hospital can issue the international certificate or not. Then, it is better to have written or at least PDF form rather than Email or SMS version only.

Many clinics and hospitals charge you extra fee for issuing the certificate and sometimes another fee for English version. Therefore sometimes higher basic fee is eventually cheaper than basic fee + extra fee.

Also importance condition is the speed. When will you get the result. Of course, faster result is expensive than slow result. Usually the speed depends on the fact that the clinic/hospital has its specific PCR testing machine or not. Many clinics have to send the samples to third parties which of course will take more time.

PCR testing site in Prague, Czech Republic.

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