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Ochanomizu, Tokyo

Ochanomizu is a neighborhood in Tokyo which covers Yushima section of Bunkyo ward and Kanda section of Chiyoda ward. Ochanomizu is located along Kanda river. Ochanomizu literally means water for tea. Water pumped from a spring in Korinji temple which was located at this neighborhood was used for shogun’s tea.

Ochanomizu used to be the most expensive area in Japan, land price recording JPY 22 million per square meters in 1980s. The neighborhood is neither residential area nor office area, but academic, medical and religious area. Many universities and colleges have main campuses in the neighborhood and large hospitals too. Then if you are looking for music instruments or sport gears especially for skiing, Ochanomizu is the place for shopping.

The main station of this neighborhood is Ochanomizu station which is operated by JR East and Tokyo Metro. Ochanomizu station has good connections between Tokyo and Shinjuku stations by JR Chuo line and Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line.

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