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National park

Oze national park

There are 34 national parks in Japan. These parks are managed by Ministry of the Environment and first three parks were listed on 1934. The oldest three parks are Setonaikai national park, Unzen national park(named changed to Unzen Amakusa national park in 1956) and Kirishima national park. All three parks are located in western part of Japan, including two parks in Kyushu. However, three more parks were listed in the end of 1934, two in Hokkaido. One of them is Daisetsuzan national park which is the largest national park.

There are also Quasi-national parks in Japan. These parks are not directly managed by the state but by the prefectures. The first Quasi-national park was listed in 1950. Then, there is also National Government parks which is managed by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. These parks are much smaller than national parks and more artificial ones.

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