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Nagasaki airport

Nagasaki airport

Nagasaki airport is one of six airports located in Nagasaki prefecture. The only airport located on Kyushu island is Nagasaki airport which is located at Omura bay. The airport is not located at Nagasaki city or second populous city, Sasebo, but in Omura.

Nagasaki airport opened in 1975 as the world's first full-scale airport surrounded by water. Not like other five airports administered by Nagasaki prefecture, Nagasaki airport is administered directly by the central government.

Then, it is the only international airport in Nagasaki prefecture. Although suspended due to COVID-19, regular international flights are to/from Shanghai and Hongkong. Domestic flights between outside Nagasaki prefecture are from/to Tokyo Haneda, Narita, Osaka, Kobe, Nagoya, and Naha(Okinawa). Then, there are 3 flights within Nagasaki prefectures to/from offshore islands; Tsushima, Fukue(Goto islands) and Iki.

Nagasaki airport does not have airport station but connected with Nagasaki, Sasebo and Isahaya by airport buses. Also there are ferry services to Tokitsu and Huis Ten Bosch, theme park.

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