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View of Morioka

Morioka is prefectural capital of Iwate prefecture in Tohoku region. Iwate is the only prefecture in Japan which still does not have COVID-19 patient(15 July 2020).

Population of Morioka is 290 thousand and it is landlocked. The main station is Morioka station which Tohoku and Akita Shinkansen stop. On the other hand, there is no airport in the city. The nearest airport is Hanamaki airport, which is 38 km south from the downtown.

Morioka is a big city in Tohoku region, but there is no significant tourist attraction in the city. However, if you are going to Chusonji temple in Hiraizumi, Morioka is an ideal place to overnight. What to eat in Morioka? Definitely the Morioka cold noodle.

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