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Miyazaki airport

Inside the terminal building of Miyazaki airport

Miyazaki airport, IATA code : KMI, locally called as Miyazaki Bougainvillea airport is a airport located in Miyazaki city, prefectural capital of Miyazaki prefecture in Kyushu island. It is only airport in Miyazaki prefecture and managed by Japanese government.

It is former military airport till the end of WWII, used by Japanese imperial navy. It was one of the bases for kamikaze attacks.

Mainly serving the domestic flights but there are also several international flights, including between Seoul and Taipei. Domestic destinare Tokyo Haneda, Tokyo Narita, Osaka Itami, Osaka Kansai, Fukuoka and Naha, Okinawa.

Miyazaki airport is one of the airports located close to downtown and it is connected by rail. Miyazaki airport station which is just outside of the airport terminal is the terminus of JR Miyazaki kuko line. Bus services are available between Miyazaki and other cities located in the southern and western Miyazaki.

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