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Lucky Pierrot

Lucky Pierrot - Nanae Tougeshita General Head Shop

Lucky Pierrot is a hamburger restaurant chain in Hokkaido, they have 17 stores in Hakodate and its surrounding. The first restaurant opened in 1987. Due to owner's philosophy, all menus are not cooked and prepared in advance, therefore it is not considered as fast food hamburger restaurants. Then, there is no plan to expand to other district, even to prefectural capital and metropolis, Sapporo which is roughly 250 km away from Hakodate.

Also the restaurants mostly use local products from Hokkaido all through the year, except vegetables which are limited to certain season. Their meats are never frozen. Lucky Pierrot was chosen as No.1 Local Hamburger in Japan by Nihon Keizai Shimbun(Nikkei), the world's largest financial newspaper.

The most popular hamburger is Chinese chicken burger and they also offer curry rice and fried noodles too.

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