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Kichijoji station

Keio Kichijoji station

Kichijoji station is located in Musashino city in Tokyo metropolis. It is just outside of 23 special wards of Tokyo. Kichijoji is one of the most popular residential area in Tokyo metropolitan area. It is also the nearest station for Inokashira park. By the way, all people in Tokyo and its surrounding will recognize Kichijoji but not Mushashino city. Therefore many residents say "I live in Kichijoji".

Kichijoji station is actually divided into two stations. JR Kichijoji and Keio Kichijoji stations which are in one building. JR operates two lines - Chuo and Sobu lines. Keio operates Inokashira line. If you want to go to Shinjuku or Tokyo stations, take Chuo line. If you want to go to Shibuya, take Inokashira line. Then, if you are going to take Tokyo Metro train later, you can take Sobu line train which runs through Tozai line.

Both stations are very busy. JR Kichijoji has the second daily ridership in Tokyo's Tama district(outside of 23 special wards) after Tachikawa station. Then, Keio Kichijoji is the third busiest station of Keio, after Shinjuku and Shibuya.

The north side of the station is a commercial district with nice stores and restaurants. The opposite side, the south is also a commercial district but much smaller than the north side. Inokashira park is located at the south side.

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