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Garbage collection calendar

If you stay long term in Japan, you have to notice the garbage rules which are different from your hometown.

At first, you have to sort out the types of garbage. In Europe, may be you have to sort out the material of the garbage. For example, Glass, plastic, can, paper and others. This is similar in Japan too but local rules apply.

The second rule is how you dispose your garbage. It depends on the municipality but most of the municipalities have a strict rule that the garbage bag must be transparent. This condition applies to make garbage collectors, the sanitation staffs to not to get injured with the items inside the bags.

Then, there is a calendar for garbage collection. If you do not have a central garbage storage room inside your condominium, you can not dispose your garbage anytime. For example, plastic materials can be dispose on certain day of the week - i.e. Monday only.

At last, each municipality has its garbage rule book which is distributed to each dwelling each year. If you do not have the rule book, check it out on internet.

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