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Bag of Tokyo Fugetsudo Ginza

Fugetsudo is a store name, producing and selling confections in Japan. The history of Fugetsudo starts in 1747, originally called Osaka-ya. However, there are multiple companies which use Fugetsudo as their names but they are not under one single group. Ueno Fugetsudo is the only company which is run by descendants of founder. Other major companies are Kobe Fugetsudo and Tokyo Fugetsudo, which are founded by former executives of original Fugetsudo (discontinued in 1950's) or descendants of the executives.

Its signature product is gaufre or gaufrette(small gaufre). Gaufre is originally a French word, which means waffle. However, Fugetsudo's gaufre is much closer to stroopwafel rather than Belgian waffle.

Although stroopwafel is filled with caramel, Fugetsudo's gaufre is filled with cream. Then, wafers are more thin and crispy, similar to Czech Republic's wafer, Lazenska oplatka.

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