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Direction board

Direction boards at Udatsu district, Mima, Tokushima prefecture

Although almost all foreign tourists carry smartphones during their stay in Japan, probably not all of them have internet connections outside free Wi-fi areas. Which means they have to check the direction boards when they are going outside, mostly to the tourist attractions.

Recently many direction boards are written in English, and in addition to Chinese and Korean. Then, sometimes Chinese are in Mandarin and in Cantonese. Then, sometimes you have to watch out the English translation. Sometimes the translation is bad and you will be confused. On the the other hand, translation can be right but you may be confused.

For example, the direction board of Udatsu Townscape(above photo) is not a incorrect translation. The English translation is correct but may be your imagination of townscape might be different when you actually visit the place.

Actually it should be Udatsu district or Udatsu historical area.

Anyway, do as the Romans do. Finding out the incorrect information or translation can be interesting!

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