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Bubaigawara station

Bubaigawara station

Bubaigawara station is located in western Tokyo metropolis in Fuchu city. Two railway companies are operating at this station, JR East and Keio Corporation. Total daily ridership is over 170 thousand. The original name was Yashikubun, which changed to Bubaigawara in 1929.

JR East operates Nambu line which connects Tachikawa station and Kawasaki station. Keio Corporation operates Keio line which runs between Shinjuku and Keio Hachioji. All trains call at this station.

Bubaigawara is one of three stations which are transferable between JR East lines and Keio lines. Therefore a lot of passengers change trains from Nambu line to Keio line or v.v. , especially during rush hours.

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