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Kodaiji temple in Kyoto

Kyoto is probably the top destination for foreign tourists to visit in Japan. Not only foreigners, it is a very popular place for Japanese especially in autumn.

Kyoto is landlocked, which temperature is little bit severe in Honshu island, summer is hot and winter is cold. Former capital of Japan, people may think that there are only temples and shrines in Kyoto, but there are plenty of large firms known also outside of Japan. These firms are Nintendo and Kyocera.

The population is 1.46 million, which is 8th in Japan. However, Greater Kyoto is 2.8 million and it is 4th largest metropolitan area after Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya.

Kyoto station is the main station which JR, Kintetsu and Kyoto municipal subway are running. However, Kyoto station is not located exactly in the city center. Therefore if you are traveling from Osaka, using Hankyu Kyoto line should be easier and faster to reach the city center, Gion.

All trains for Tokaido Shinkansen call at Kyoto station and the nearest international airport is Kansai airport, which is connected by limited express Haruka. Closest domestic airport is Osaka Itami airport.

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