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Arashiyama station

Randen Arashiyama station

Arashiyama district is a very popular tourist area in city of Kyoto. There are Togetsu-kyo bridge, Tenryuji temple and bamboo grove. Then, there are several stations in the district.

First one is JR Saga-Arashiyama which Japan rail pass holder can use but it is little bit far from the main tourist attractions. The second one is Torokko Saga which is adjacent to JR Saga-Arashiyama. Torokko Saga belongs to Saga Scenic line which is a sightseeing train. The third one is Hankyu Arashiyama which is 400 meters away from Togetsukyo bridge but going to bamboo grove is little bit far. Hankyu is a major private railway company in Kansai area(Osaka+Kyoto+Kobe) and sole private company which operates within Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe.

The last one is Randen Arashiyama which is closest to all three major attractions. The station belongs to Keifuku Electric Railroad which operates two tram lines, Arashiyama line and Kitano line in Kyoto and Randen Arashiyama is terminal of Arashiyama line. Keifuku used to operate lines in Fukui city in Fukui prefecture(Therefore the company name is Keifuku) but the lines were transferred to third party in 2003 .

Passengers can change trains to Kitano line at Katabiranotsuji station bound for Kitano-Hakubaicho. If you are coming from Kyoto station, take Kyoto municipal subway Karasuma line to Karasuma Oike and change there to Tozai line bound for Uzumasa-Tenjingawa. Then, take the Arashiyama line.

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