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Yokohama stadium

Yokohama stadium

Yokohama stadium is a home for Yokohama DeNA Baystars, the professional baseball team of NPB. It is the only professional baseball team in Yokohama, the second populated city in Japan.

Yokohama stadium will be the main stadium for Olympic games in 2020, which Tokyo will host. Baseball and softball will resume as the Olympic events in 2020. These two events are one of the most medals expected events for Japan.

There are several stadiums in Tokyo which can accommodate more than 30000 spectators, including Tokyo Dome but Yokohama stadium was chosen due to the stadium is owned by a city. Yokohama stadium had capacity of 29000 but will increase to 35000 after the renovation work.

Yokohama stadium has the one of the best accesses in Japan. There are three stations nearby within 5 minutes walk; JR Kannai, Yokohama Municipal subway Kannai and Minatomirai Nihon-Odori stations. Also, the biggest Chinatown in Japan is nearby.

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