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Fujiya Nectar

If you see a word nectar, you would think a non-carbonated soft drink made by muddling the flesh of fruits. Nectar seems to be a fruit juice but in certain countries, fruit juice must be 100% pure juice. Therefore there is no 30% orange fruit juice. On the other hand, in Japan , juice can be also including carbonated soft drink too and the word fruit juice can be also 30% orange juice.

The word nectar also exists in Japan but it is almost known as a trademark of Fujiya. Fujiya is a nationwide confectionery company established in 1910. The company sold first Christmas cakes in Japan and started to run a coffee shop and producing candies, Fujiya started selling peach nectar in 1964. Although there was orange nectar till 1996, but Japanese normally think nectar is a peach flavor. Therefore if you say a word nectar, everyone will automatically think you are talking about Fujiya and peach flavor.

Fujiya nectar includes 30% of peach juice and also there is mango flavor too. However, as I mentioned above, it is very hard to find the mango flavor and even the long existing mix fruits flavor. Anyway, it is difficult to find Fujiya Nectar in vending machines. The reason is that Fujiya is depending on Pokka Sapporo Food & Beverage for the sales of its beverages.

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