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Mitsuya Cider Jelly

MItsuya Cider Jelly from Asahi Soft Drinks.

Mitsuya Cider Jelly is a relatively new product from Asahi Soft Drinks, sold since March 2020 and currently available only from vending machines.

Mitsuya Cider Jelly is the first carbonated jelly beverage sold from Mitsuya Cider brand. Mitsuya Cider is the oldest existing carbonated beverage. Cider is worldly recognized as alcoholic beverage drink made from fermented apple juice or non-alcoholic beverage made from apple.

However, cider in Japan is not recognized as a beverage made from apple. Carbonated sweeten but transparent beverage is called cider in Japan(alcoholic beverage made from fermented apple juice is called siidoru; French pronunciation for cider). Please be aware that cola or other carbonated sweeten beverage with artificial or natural colors are not called cider.

Mitsuya Cider Jelly must be shaken at least 10 times before opening otherwise you can not drink it.

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