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Trouser press

Trouser presses at hotel in Fukuoka

Trouser press is an electrical appliance used to get rid of the wrinkles from trousers. They are commonly provided in hotel rooms in Japan but I have never seen it in Europe. Then, it seems that the appliance is not sold in Czech Republic either.

Many 4 or 5 stars hotels are equipped with irons and ironing board in Europe but not equipped with trouser press. On the other hand, hotels in Japan are opposite. They are equipped with trouser press but they do not have irons in their rooms.

Sometimes the trouser press is not located in the room but you have to borrow it from the reception or it is located on the corridor and you can take it to your room.

There are two types of trouser press in Japan. The first one is the standing version. Then, the second one is the lying version. The standing version does not take much space than the lying version but lying version is much powerful to remove the wrinkles due to the gravity.

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