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Bitchu-Takahashi station

Bitchu-Takahashi station

Bitchu-Takahashi station is the main station of Takahashi city in Okayama prefecture. Only one JR line, Hakubi line is running this station.

Takahashi is a relatively small populated city located in the mid-west of Okayama prefecture, landlocked and facing boundary with Hiroshima prefecture.

Bitchu comes from the name of the province called Bitchu which existed till Japan abolished provinces and introduced prefectures instead of provinces in 1871. Takahashi belonged to Takahashi prefecture which lasted only 7 month when merged into Oda prefecture, then finally merged into Okayama prefecture in 1875.

New station building opened in 2015 and bus terminal moved to the ground floor in 2017. Also municipal library is located on the first floor.

Bitchu-Takahashi is a gateway of Bitchu-Matsuyama castle and limited express Yakumo, which connects Okayama and Izumo-shi station stop at this station. Then, one of the two night trains, limited express Izumo also calls at this station.

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