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Irori at Takayama Jinya

Irori is Japanese traditional sunken hearth. Usually there is a JIZAIKAGI, pothook hanging from the ceiling, where you can hang a pot or kettle. Also there is a trivet called GOTOKU inside the pit, which also pot or kettle can be placed.

Not like the hearth in Europe, irori is also a fireplace for heating. Therefore between the meals, residents will sit there to have tea and during the meal, they will sit around the irori to dine. Which means that tea kettle is hanged during the day and it will be replaced by a pot before and during the meal times.

Unfortunately irori is not equipped in any houses even built 100 years ago. However, you can still sit around the irori in some places such as traditional taverns and inns. Do not miss the chance if your inn has the irori!

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